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Vaughn Charter 2014

Vaughn Next Century Learning Center (“Vaughn”), located in the city of Pacoima, is a large urban public school operating within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). In 1993, tired of being helpless and hopeless with low student achievement a pattern, Vaughn became the first conversion charter school in the nation and was authorized by LAUSD. Vaughn currently has 24-years of experience operating as a successful independent charter school. The charter was renewed in 1998, 2003, 2008, and again in 2013. This previously failing elementary public school is now a, community-based, K-12 charter school whose primary focus is to insure that all students are college/career ready and globally and digitally competent. It operates five contiguous campuses:

  • Conversion Elementary (13330 Vaughn Street, San Fernando, CA 91340, operational 1993) Middle School of International Studies and Technology (12353-13247, Eustace Street, San Fernando, CA 91340, operational 2000)
  • School Readiness Center (13241 Vaughn Street, San Fernando, CA 91340, operational 2003)
  • Vaughn International Studies High School (11505 Herrick Avenue, Pacoima, CA 91331, operational in 2008)
  • Elementary Language Academy for a Global and Green Generation (11200 Herrick Avenue, Pacoima, CA 91331, operational 2012)

We recently added new facilities to build capacity for our growing enrollment. We added three PODS on the conversion campus that serve our middle school students and that became operational in 2014. We are completing four PODS at our School Readiness Center, four PODS at our G3 campus and four PODS at our high school that we anticipate being fully operational by October of 2015. In addition, we opened a new Business office (Vaughn Central) that opened in September of this year.



A National Blue Ribbon School

All campuses are governed under one charter. Vaughn was awarded the California Distinguished Schools Award in 1996 and the National Blue Ribbon Schools Award in 1997. We recently received a Bronze Award by the US and World News Report on the Top High Schools in the nation.