Mission and Vision

mission and vision

The goal of Vaughn is to graduate students who possess the knowledge, skills and habits of mind necessary to work and live in the 21st Century global environment and to become contributing individuals and life-long learners.



Vaughn is a large, urban, full-service, public charter school that provides maximum learning opportunities to students (Preschool- Grade 12) so they will be successful academically, physically, and socially; specifically, Vaughn will:

  • Prepare students to master grade level standards, think critically, and be ready for post-secondary learning
  • Reduce social stressors that negatively impact child and family development, including poverty.
  • Create a professional and caring community among staff, families, and community.
  • Become a model for school reform locally, nationally and globally.



Our students will possess proficient literacy skills, English fluency and technological competence. They will demonstrate knowledge and application of the arts, cultures, literature, history and social science, health, mathematics, communication, science, problem solving, and work ethic. They will value friendship, responsibility, cultural diversity, quality of life and respect for the democratic processes. They will become well informed of our interconnected world, pursue higher education and seek a professional career.

All teachers are continual learners, collaborators, and innovators who implement quality instruction and classroom management to achieve well-defined outcomes. They seek to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards and effective instructional techniques. They recognize and value the importance of each student’s uniqueness and strengths. They are visionaries who are sensitive to the cultures, values and other needs of their students.

Our school is a community learning center which focuses on the active participation of families and community as a resource that supports student achievement. We foster student and family education and well-being and we recognize that strong community and family life is positively linked to educational excellence.


Meaning of An Educated Person in the 21st Century

Vaughn recognizes that to be an Educated Person in the 21st Century, our students need to possess the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary to work and live in the 21st Century global environment. Vaughn implements and fully supports a Graduate Profile that includes the following:

All Vaughn’s graduates will be:

  1. Academically prepared to successfully engage in post-secondary coursework and/or career.
  2. Literate and prepared for the 21st Century with mastery of skills essential to communication and learning both in English and in one or more languages other than English.
  3. Proficient thinkers and problem solvers with a capacity for mathematical analysis, scientific processing, and logical reasoning.
  4. Aware of global dynamics with the ability to become fully enfranchised and participatory global citizens.
  5. Collaborative team members, receptive to the views of others.
  6. Effective users of technology with the ability to use a multitude of digital tools for communication, presentation, and data analysis.