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Name Position Campus Extension Email
Aldrete, Alma Nurse G3 6809
Aldrete, Henry Teacher G3 6817
Ammari, Riham Math Coach G3 7854
Baca, Brooke Office Clerical Assistant G3 6802
Barraza, Edward Teacher G3 6811
Caal, Edwin Teacher G3 6814
Canales, Maritza G3 Case Manager Assistant G3 6837
Clark, Nancy Teacher G3 4850
Consuelo, Floriano Office Clerical Assistant G3 6803
Cortez, Sonia Teacher G3
Edemann, Sadie Intervention G3 7854
Estevez, Anarosa G3 Director G3 6800
Ferman, Miguel Teacher G3
Garcia, Jose Plant Manager G3 6801
Herrera, Lorenza Office Manager G3 6801
Hurwit, Joan Enrichment G3 6831
Johnson, Amy Speech & Language Therapist G3 6914
Kim, John Teacher G3
Koch, Tanya Teacher G3 7848
Kravitz, Nicole Teacher G3 6810
Letts, Julia Occupational Therapist G3 6914
LLamas, Danny Cafeteria Manager G3 7813
Loera, Victor Teacher G3 6815
Lopez, Elizabeth Teacher G3 6829
Lopez, Noe Enrichment G3 6843
Lourdes Carrillo, Maria Teacher G3 6834
Mancilla, Maria Teacher G3 6845
Maness, Teri Teacher G3 6833
Martinez, Stephanie Teacher G3 6824
McCord, Patrick Teacher G3 6822
Molina, Marlene Teacher G3 6832
Munguia, Lidia Supply Clerk G3 6801
Osorto, Karla Teacher G3 6804
Pelayo, Daniel Lab Assistant G3 6843
Pina, Juana G3 Librarian G3 6839
Quinones, Denise Teacher G3
Rochin, Margarita Teacher G3
Rodriguez, Cynthia Teacher G3 6813
Schonberger, Brian Teacher G3 6816
Shim, Josephine Teacher G3
Sung, Andrew Teacher G3 6842
Vega, Mable Teacher G3 6847
Wills, Adam RST Teacher G3 7854
Wozniak, Brent Curriculum Coordinator G3 7911
Allen, Rachel Teacher M.I.T. 7881
Alvarez, Miguel Teacher M.I.T. 7887
Arambula, Alejandra Lab Assistant M.I.T. 7810
Arellano, Rebecca Nurst Assistant M.I.T. 7874
Avalos, Jimmie Teacher M.I.T.
Avina, Cynthia Office Manager M.I.T. 7809
Avina, Elizabeth Supply Clerk M.I.T. 7877
Carbonell, Andy Teacher M.I.T. 7879
eContreraz, Sandra Middle School Director M.I.T. 7876
Cory, Jo Librarian M.I.T. 7804
Curiel, Vicky Office Assistant M.I.T. 7889
Davis, Heather Teacher M.I.T. 7847
Dennert, Melody Curriculum Coordinator M.I.T. 7829
DiVincenzo, Leah Teacher M.I.T. 7875
Duarte, Selenne Teacher M.I.T. 7799
Duran, Iris Teacher M.I.T. 7859
Gonzalez, Cynthia Teacher M.I.T. 7868
Hernandez, Kathlyn Athletic TA M.I.T. 7878
Jimenez, Melanie Counselor M.I.T. 6826
Johnson-Plotke, Deanna Music Teacher M.I.T. 7894
Jurado, Carmynna Teacher M.I.T. 7807
Kheyfets, Alina Teacher M.I.T. 7867
Kodel, Alan Teacher M.I.T. 7821
Lamotte, Kishauna Teacher M.I.T. 7885
Macharia, Mercy Teacher M.I.T. 7819
Marroquin, Bethany Teacher M.I.T. 7870
Martinez, Raquel Aeries Manager Assistant M.I.T. 7844
Mendez ,Leticia Teacher M.I.T. 7873
Mirkhani, Pargol Teacher M.I.T. 7886
Montanaro, Annette Dean M.I.T. 7852
Montano, Leslie SPED Assistant M.I.T. 7819
Moreno, May Teacher M.I.T. 7884
Najar, Elizabeth AERIES Manager M.I.T. 7818
Nunez, Jessica Nurse Assistant M.I.T. 7874
Ojeda, Cindy Behavior Assistant M.I.T. 7801
Palacios, Jannet Office Assistant M.I.T. 7883
Quinonez, David SPED Assistant M.I.T. 7819
Robles, Jessica SPED Assistant M.I.T. 7819
Rodriguez, Cynthia Teacher M.I.T. 7802
Sanchez, Alex SPED Assistant M.I.T. 7819
Santa Cruz, Sara Teacher M.I.T. 7840
Seong, Connie Teacher M.I.T. 7872
Simon, Mallory Teacher M.I.T. 7860
Stasilli, Franco Physical Education M.I.T. 7878
Teitelbaum, Nicolette Teacher M.I.T. 7835
Tristancho, Denise Behavior Analyst M.I.T. 7893
Valadez, Raquel Intervention M.I.T. 7869
Vargas, Sylvia Teacher M.I.T. 7871
Velardi, Nanci Physical Education M.I.T. 7895
Velasquez, Carmen School Counselor M.I.T. 7827
Wisdom, Jayme Teacher M.I.T. 7888
Aparicio, Ruby Teacher Mainland 7892
Arellano, Rebecca Nurse Assistant Mainland 7874
Baca, Veronica LA’s Best Mainland 7803
Bernal, Evita Office Assistant Mainland 7800
Bornstein, Suzie Psychologist Mainland 7801
Boyd, Kelley Teacher Mainland 7838
Carbonell, Aixa CAL-PADS Mainland
Carrillo, Maria Teacher Mainland 7899
Center, Family Family Center Mainland 7831
Christensen, Lily Mainland 7866
Contreras, Berny Teacher Mainland 7837
Delgadillo, Sylvia Case Manager Mainland 7814
Eddin, Wynter Intervention Mainland 7901
Edemann, Susie Teacher Mainland 6818
Espinoza, Griselda Office Assistant Mainland 7823
Fields, Betty Supply Clerk Mainland 6909
Flores, Yessenia 21st Century After-School Mainland 7803
Garcia, Adrian IT Manager Mainland 7811
Garcia, Ivette RST Mainland 6836
Hernandez, Mayensi Teacher Mainland 6821
Hubbard, Juana Teacher Mainland 7845
Ibarra, Angelica Teacher Mainland
Jimenez, Melanie Teacher Mainland 6826
Kim, Deborah Teacher Mainland 6828
Lasell, Joseph Teacher Mainland 7855
Llamas, Suzanne Youth-Family & Community Director Mainland 7813
Lorentzen, Stephanie Teacher Mainland 6954
Macias, Leo Office Manager Mainland 7815
Mainland, Cafeteria Mainland 7825
Martinez, Raquel Aeries Assistant Mainland 7844
Medina, Evelyn RST 4th-5th Mainland 7817
Moncada, Lilia Teacher Mainland 7839
Montes, Fidel Teacher Mainland 7862
Muehlberger, Karen Teacher Mainland 7898
Muro, Irene Teacher Mainland 7826
Najar, Elizabeth AERIES Manager Mainland 7818
Najar, Stephanie Office Assistant Mainland 6827
Nava, Alma YPI Mainland 7832
Nevarez, Alejandro Teacher Mainland 7842
Nevarez, Veronica Inventory Manager Mainland 7897
Oblad, Susie Science Lab Mainland 7851
Orduna, Tinia Teacher Mainland 7863
Pasquarelli, Maria Theater Mainland 7798
Pelayo, Edgar System Information Manager Mainland 7896
Perez, Daniel IT Mainland 7828
Piranian, Rose Teacher Mainland 7849
Ramirez, Ruby Teacher Mainland 7816
Razo, Allison Teacher Mainland 6850
Rios, Peter Maintenance Operations Mainland 7998
Roffredo, Nessa Teacher Mainland 7841
Romero, Roxanne HR Mainland 6911
Rosete, Monica Teacher Mainland 7856
Sanchez, Emilio Curriculum Coordinator Mainland 7843
Steele, Gretchen Teacher Mainland 7857
Tristancho, Denise Behavior Analyst Mainland 7893
Uribe, Frank Psychologist Mainland 7822
Villalobos, Vereniz Computer Lab Mainland 7805
West, Charise Teacher Mainland 6938
Zepeda, Anita Executive Director Mainland 7824
Andrade, Jessica Nurse Assistant Pandaland 6963
Avina, Ana Curriculum Coordinator Pandaland 6948
Barajas, Rocio Supply Clerk Pandaland 6915
Barajas, Trinidad Teacher Pandaland 6950
Barraza, Francisca Teacher Pandaland
Calzadillas, Gloria Teacher Pandaland 6928
Castruita, Brandy Teacher Pandaland 6951
Ceron, Jessyann Teacher Pandaland
Cruz, Adrian Pre-k T.A.-Office Pandaland 6955
Cuevas, Viena Teacher Pandaland 6935
Duarte, Virginia Parent Involvement Coordinator Pandaland 6936
Franco, Dayana Teacher Pandaland 6959
Galan, Erika Teacher Pandaland 6930
Galeno, Nuemi Teacher Pandaland 6944
Garcha,Navneet Teacher Pandaland 6931
Gomez, Carmen Case Manager Pandaland 6903
Gomez, Liliana Teacher Pandaland 6933
Gomez, Mariela Attendance Clerk Pandaland 6956
Gomez, Rosa Pre-School Site Supervisor Pandaland 6922
Guerrero, Michelle Teacher Pandaland
Gutierrez, Guadalupe Teacher Pandaland
Handal, Katia PL Director & k-1 Admin Pandaland 6901
Harrison, Whitney Teacher Pandaland
Hernandez, Evelyn Pandaland Librarian Pandaland 6910
Hernandez, Guadalupe Teacher Pandaland 6918
Herrick, Robin Teacher Pandaland 6939
Jimenez, Claudia Teacher Pandaland 6929
Johnson, Amy Speech Pandaland 6914
Kazanchyan, Mariam Teacher Pandaland 6979
Landeros, Lorena Teacher Pandaland 6958
Lazcano, Erica Cafe Manager Pandaland 6907
Lemus, Brenda Nurse Pandaland 6803
Maldonado, Avelina Office Assistant Pandaland 6904
Martinez, Vanessa RSP PK-2 Pandaland 6945
Mejorado, Norma Teacher Pandaland 6916
Mendez, Maria Teacher Pandaland 6974
Morales, Erika Teacher Pandaland 6937
Moran, Patricia Teacher Pandaland 6917
Moreno, Katheryne Teacher Pandaland 6940
Moreno, Yolanda Teacher Pandaland 6920
Pandaland, Cafeteria Pandaland 6912
Parra, Maribel Teacher Pandaland 6932
Pelayo, Gabriela Office Manager Pandaland 6908
Perez, Claudia Teacher Pandaland 6921
Perry, Kimberly Teacher Pandaland 6984
Quintero, Marilyn Teacher Pandaland 6941
Ramirez, Claudia Teacher Pandaland 6913
Ramirez, Lorena Teacher Pandaland 6923
Roman, Lorena Counselor Pandaland 6906
Ruiz, Virginia Teacher Pandaland 6942
Samano, Beatriz Teacher Pandaland 6925
Sanchez-Aranda, Jenny Intervention Pandaland 6946
Sheerer, Esmeralda Nurse Assistant Pandaland 6902
Torres, Laura Teacher Pandaland 6943
Trujillo, Yolanda Teacher Pandaland 6978
Urrutia, Sari 0.Teacher Pandaland 6919
Viramontes, Elsa Teacher Pandaland 6927
Alvarado, Erika Teacher VISA 7938
Brock, Felicia Teacher VISA 7951
Burnett, Alicia Teacher VISA 7924
Carvente, Miguel Teacher VISA 7918
Chain, Brisia Office Assistant VISA 7952
Chan, Yvonne Founding Principal VISA 7900
Cory, David Teacher VISA 7910
Cruz, Patty College Center VISA 7999
De Franco, Francesca Teacher VISA 7932
Dewaele, Jamie Teacher VISA 7956
Ewart,Michael Teacher VISA 7929
Feury, Caitlin Teacher VISA 7945
Fram, Amy Resource Specialist VISA 7943
Garrido, David Supply Clerk VISA 7955
Guerrero, Jasmin Teacher VISA 7920
Hernandez, Rogelio Plant Manage VISA 7946
Huddleston, Josh Teacher VISA 7926
Jarashow, Daniel Teacher VISA 7928
Kovacs, Eva Business Manager Assistant VISA 7812
Law, Joyce Business Manager VISA 7905
Lazcano, Ana Cafeteria Supervisor VISA 7913
Leandro, Stan High School Director VISA 7906
Lee, Alina Teacher VISA 7912
Lee, Jon Teacher VISA 7927
Linares, Nancy Counselor VISA 7934
Liu, Michelle Teacher VISA 7925
Ma, Lijuan Teacher VISA 7912
Michel, Mark Teacher VISA 7988
Mohr, Nicole Teacher VISA 7931
Nunez, Alma Teacher VISA 7924
Ortiz, Karen Office Assistant VISA 7994
Padilla, Omar Teacher VISA 7978
Pancoast, Bethlene Teacher VISA 7986
Penarroyo, May Teacher VISA 7923
Perez, Christine Teacher VISA 7984
Prestwood, Cody Teacher VISA 7947
Pulido, Maria Office Assistant VISA 7904
Quiroz, Aide Nurse Assistant VISA 7995
Ramirez, Caroline Teacher VISA 7935
Nancy, Rocha Teacher VISA
Roxas, Fernando Teacher VISA 7987
Rues, Robin Teacher VISA 7919
Shoji, Ryan Teacher VISA 7921
Thompson, Austin Librarian VISA 7986
Tong, Pamela CPA VISA 7902
Velasquez, Leslee Curriculum Coordinator VISA 7936
Zhang, David Teacher VISA 7930