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Name Position Campus Extension Email
Aparicio, Ruby Teacher Pandaland 7892
Banuelos, Claudia Teacher Pandaland 6913
Barajas, Trinidad Teacher Pandaland 6950
Barajas, Rocio Supply Clerk Pandaland 6915
Barraza, Francesca Teacher Pandaland 6961
Brotz, Mila Teacher Pandaland 6944
Calzadillas, Gloria Teacher Pandaland 6928
Ceron, Jessyann Teacher Pandaland 6984
Contreras, Diana Office Asst. Pandaland 6905
Cordova, Naomi Teacher Pandaland 6941
Cuevas, Viena Teacher Pandaland 6935
Duarte, Virginia Parent Involvement Coord. Pandaland 6936
Faustino, Katy Clerk Pandaland 6955
Galan, Erika Teacher Pandaland 6930
Garcia, Marissa Teacher Pandaland 6942
Gomez, Liliana Teacher Pandaland 6933
Gomez, Rosa Pre-K Administrator Pandaland 6922
Gomez, Carmen Case Manager Pandaland 6903
Guerrero, Michelle Teacher Pandaland 6959
Gutierrez, Guadalupe Teacher Pandaland 6918
Handal, Katia Site Administrator Pandaland 6901
Harmandjian, Clara Teacher Pandaland 6978
Harrison, Witney Teacher Pandaland 6952
Heinrich, Eileen Teacher Pandaland 6940
Herrick, Robin Teacher Pandaland 6939
Jimenez, Claudia Teacher Pandaland 6929
Lemus, Brenda Nurse Pandaland 6902
Luna, Lilian Counselor Pandaland 6906
Maldonado, Avelina Office Asst. Pandaland 6904
Martinez, Ana Curriculum Coordinator Pandaland 6948
Mcvey, Teresa Teacher Pandaland 6979
Mejorado, Norma Teacher Pandaland 6916
Mendez, Maria Teacher Pandaland 6974
Moncada, Lilia Curriculum Coordinator Pandaland 7839
Morales, Erika Teacher Pandaland 6937
Morales, Johnny Librarian Pandaland 6949
Moreno, Yolanda Teacher Pandaland 6920
Nunn, Nicole Teacher Pandaland 6958
Osta Sburlati, Ana Teacher Pandaland 6951
Parra, Maribel Teacher Pandaland 6932
Pelayo, Gabriela Office Manager Pandaland 6908
Pena, Carmen Teacher Pandaland 6947
Perez, Claudia Teacher Pandaland 6921
Poplawski, Marina Teacher Pandaland 6917
Ramirez, Lorena Teacher Pandaland 6923
Reyes, Rita Office Asst. Pandaland 6962
Rodriguez, Vanessa Lab Assistant Pandaland 6931
Ruiz, Andrea Teacher Pandaland 6927
Samano, Beatriz Teacher Pandaland 6925
Sanchez-Aranda, Jenny Intervention Pandaland 6946
Sarmiento, Briseida Nurse Pandaland 6963
Talamantes, Stephanie Office Asst. Pandaland 6956
Torres, Laura Teacher Pandaland 6943
Urrutia, Sari Teacher Pandaland 6919
Valdez, Heidi Counselor Pandaland 7820 / 6835
Valenzuela, Karla Intervention Pandaland 7832
Valle, Daisy Teacher Pandaland 6926
Aldrete, Alma Nurse G3 6809
Aldrete, Henry Teacher G3 6817
Ammari, Riham Teacher G3 6841
Barraza, Edward Teacher G3 6811
Caal, Edwin Teacher G3 6814
Canales, Maritza Case Manager G3 6837
Castillon, Adela Offiice Manager G3 6891
Clark, Nancy Teacher G3 7850
Cortez, Sonia Teacher G3 6820
Estevez, Anarosa Site Administrator G3 6800
Hernandez, Evelyn Enrichment G3 6831
Kim, Deborah Teacher G3 6828
Kim, John Teacher G3 6846
Koch, Tanya Teacher G3 7848
Lasell, Joseph Teacher G3 6847
Loera, Victor Teacher G3 6815
Lopez, Elizabeth Teacher G3 6829
Lourdes Carrillo, Maria Teacher G3 6834
Martinez, Stephanie Teacher G3 6824
Masuyama, Hatsue Teacher G3 6832
McCord, Patrick Teacher G3 6822
Morales, Yesenia Intervention Teacher G3 6808
Munguia, Lidia Supply Clerk G3 7914
Nunez, Ruth Lab Assistant G3 6843
O'Campo, Jessica Office Asst. G3 6803
Osorto, Karla Teacher Lead G3 6804
Pina, Juana Library G3 6839
Quinonez, Denise Teacher G3 6819
Raskin, Savannah Teacher G3 6986
Reigle, Fajlaune Teacher G3 6825
Rochin, Margarita Teacher G3 6807
Rodriguez, Cynthia Teacher G3 6813
Rubio, Cindy Teacher G3 6810
Schonberger, Brian Teacher G3 6816
Shim, Josephine Teacher G3 6818
Sung, Andrew Teacher G3 6842
Togi, Joko Teacher G3 6823
Valdez, Heidi Counselor G3 7820 / 6835
Vargas, Stephanie Clerk G3 6827
Arellano, Rebecca Nurse Mainland 7874
Boyd, Kelley Teacher Mainland 7838
Chandler, Julia Teacher Mainland 7855
Contreras, Bernardo Teacher Mainland 7837
Espinoza, Griselda Front Office Mainland 7823
Ewart, Kara Teacher Mainland 6988
Fields, Betty Supply Clerk Mainland
Flores, Yessenia Intervention Mainland 7795
Garcia, Mike Plant Manager Mainland
Hernandez, Mayensi Teacher Mainland 6821
Hubbard, Juana Teacher Mainland 7845
Kaelin, Jill Teacher Mainland 7907
Kwon, Eunice Teacher Mainland 7841
Lorentzen, Stephanie Teacher Mainland 6954
Macias, Leo Office Manager Mainland 7815
Montes, Fidel Teacher Mainland 7862
Moreno, Staci Anne Teacher Mainland 7797
Muehlberger, Karen Site Administrator Mainland 7898
Muro, Irene Curriculum Coordinator Mainland 7826
Nevarez, Alejandro Teacher Mainland 7842
Ortiz, Karen Clerk Mainland 7811
Ortiz, Ashley Teacher Mainland 7829
Parker, Lauren Teacher Mainland 7922
Piranian, Rose Teacher Mainland 7849
Razo, Allison Teacher Mainland
Rios, Peter Maintenance Manager Mainland 7998
Robbins, Jennifer Teacher Mainland 7854
Romero, Roxanne Director Of Operations Mainland 6911
Rosete, Monica Teacher Mainland 7856
Steele, Gretchen Teacher Mainland 7857
Thompson, Jackson Teacher Mainland 7817
Valdez, Heidi Counselor Mainland 7820 / 6835
West, Charise Teacher Mainland 6938
Williams, Stefani Teacher Mainland 6848
Allen, Rachel Teacher MIT 7881
Alvarez, Miguel Teacher MIT 7887
Avalos, James Teacher MIT 7808
Axworthy, Victoria Teacher MIT 6987
Bornstein, Suzie Psychologist MIT 7801
Carbonell, Andy Teacher MIT 7879
Contreraz, Sandra Site Administrator MIT 7876
Cseh, Randy Teacher MIT 7844
Davis, Heather Teacher MIT 7847
Davtyan, Aram Teacher MIT 7861
Delgadilo, Sylvia Case Manager MIT 7814
Diaz, Ambar Supply Clerk MIT 7794
Diaz, Griselda Intervention MIT 6992
Duran, Iris Teacher MIT 7859
Eddins, Wynter RST MIT
Ezeukwu, Ifeyinwa Teacher MIT 7799
Gonzalez, Cynthia Teacher MIT 7868
Gonzalez, Monica Office Asst. MIT 7904
Hernandez, Elizabeth Office Asst. MIT 7899
Herrera, Lorenza Office Manager MIT 6801
Hondrogiannis, Olivia Teacher MIT 7880 / 7882
Jacinto, Diana Psychologist MIT 6860
Jimenez, Melanie Counselor MIT 6826
Johnson, Brandon Teacher MIT 7878
Johnson-Plotke, Deanna Teacher MIT 7894
Jurado, Carmynna Teacher MIT 7807
Kheyfets, Alina Teacher MIT 7867
Kodel, Alan Teacher MIT 7821
Lamotte, Kishauna Teacher MIT 7885
Macharia, Mercy RST MIT 7819
Marroquin, Bethany Teacher MIT 7870
Mendez, Lourdes Teacher MIT
Mich, Thomas Teacher MIT
Mirkhani, Pargol Teacher MIT 7886
Montanaro, Annette Dean MIT 7852
Moreno, May Teacher MIT 7884
Nguyen, Cuong RST MIT 6992
Palacios, Jannet Office Asst. MIT 7883
Roberson, Astrid Teacher MIT 7894
Rodriguez, Lucia Teacher MIT 7810
Rodriguez, Cynthia Teacher MIT 7802
Santa Cruz, Sara Teacher MIT 7840
Shepley, Katie Teacher MIT 7835
Uribe, Frank Psychologist MIT 7822
Valadez, Raquel Curriculum Coordinator MIT 7869
Vargas, Sylvia Teacher MIT 7871
Velasquez, Carmen Counselor MIT 7827
Wisdom, Jayme Teacher MIT 7888
Alciyan, Hayk Teacher VISA 7917
Alvarado, Erika Teacher VISA 7938
Baca, Brooke Office Asst. VISA 6802
Burnett, Alicia Teacher VISA 7924
Corona, Jessica Teacher VISA 7985
Cory, David Teacher VISA 7910 / 7941
Cruz, Patty College Advisor VISA 7999
Cueva, Callan Teacher VISA 7955
Curiel, Vicky Office Asst. VISA 7889
Dayoan, Teodora Teacher VISA 7951
Dewaele, Jamie Teacher VISA 7956
Diaz, David Supply Clerk VISA 7933
Dorado, Cindy Teacher VISA 7949
Dyke, Lucy Teacher VISA 7912
Ewart, Michael Teacher VISA 7929
Feury, Caitlin Teacher VISA 7945
Friel, Sara Teacher VISA 7979
Garcia, Noemi Teacher VISA 7943
Gonzalez, Hector Security VISA 7946
Guerrero, Jasmin Teacher VISA 7920
Henson, Hillary Teacher VISA 7927
Hernandez, Rogelio Plant Manager VISA 7946
Huddleston, Josh Teacher VISA 7926
Kash, Zachary Teacher VISA 7932
Kovacs, Eva Office Asst. VISA 7812
Larios, Evelyn Restorative Justice Coordinator VISA
Lapporte, Lijuan Teacher VISA 7940 / 7939
Leandro, Stan Site Administrator VISA 7906
Leiva, Jenevi Office Asst. VISA 7954
Linares, Nancy Counselor VISA 7934
Liu, Michelle Teacher VISA 7919
Mann, Natalie Teacher VISA 7918
Martinez, Raquel Office Asst. VISA 7944
Martinez, Janaan Teacher VISA 7925
Mohr, Nicole Teacher VISA 7931
Nunez, Alma Teacher VISA 7903
Padilla, Omar Teacher VISA 7978
Penarroyo, May Teacher VISA 7923
Perez, Christine Office Manager VISA 7984
Prestwood, Cody Teacher VISA 7947
Quiroz, Aide Nurse VISA 7995
Ramirez, Caroline Teacher VISA 7935
Rocha, Nancy Counselor VISA 7908
Rodriguez, Brandon Teacher VISA 7957
Roque, Emily Teacher VISA 7948
Roxas, Fernando Teacher VISA 7987
Shoji, Ryan Teacher VISA 7921
Thompson, Austin Librarian VISA 7910
Tucker, Paul Teacher VISA 7953
Velasquez, Leslee Curriculum Coordinator VISA 7936
Wills, Adam Teacher VISA 7943
Zhang, David Teacher VISA 7930
Avina, Eli Aeries Manager Asst. Vaughn Central 7877
Avina, Cynthia Enrollment Data Vaughn Central 7809
Bernal, Evita AP Office Manager Vaughn Central 7800
Casillas, Priscilla Cafeteria Accountant Vaughn Central 7858
Chan, Yvonne Fiscal Consultant Vaughn Central 7900
Chavez, Arturo MSW MIT 7997
Dhaliwal, Suman Accountant Vaughn Central 7875
Fonseca, Martha Schoolwide Nurse
Garcia, Erick IT Tech Facet
Garcia, Adrian Information Systems Manager Facet
Garcia, Ivette Student Support Services Vaughn Central 6836
Jimenez, Pattie Business Manager Asst. Vaughn Central 7895
Law-Young, Joyce Business Manager Vaughn Central 7905
Lazcano, Erica Cafeteria Manager Vaughn Central 6907
Llamas, Suzanne Vaughn Central 7813
Marin, Rosina HR Manager Vaughn Central 1023
Montoya, Frances Food Services Director Vaughn Central 7792
Najar, Elizabeth Aeries Manager Vaughn Central 7818
Nava, Alma Community & Family Center Cood. Facet 7980
Nevarez, Veronica IT Inventory Facet
Nunez, Jessica 504 Manager Vaughn Central 6840
Pabon, Ronald IT Tech / Webmaster Facet
Pelayo, Edgar Information Systems Manager Facet
Perez, Daniel IT Tech Facet
Ramirez, Jeffrey IT Tech Facet
Ramirez, Fidel Executive Director Vaughn Central 8009
Simons, Alexandra Business Asset Manager Vaughn Central 7902
Velasques, Carlos IT Tech Facet
Wozniak, Brent Chief Academic Officer Vaughn Central 7911
Zepeda, Josue IT Tech Facet
Zepeda, Anita Vaughn Central 7824