G3 Directory

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Name Position Campus Extension Email
Aldrete, Alma Nurse G3 6809 aaldrete@myvaughncharter.com
Aldrete, Henry Teacher G3 6817 haldrete@myvaughncharter.com
Ammari, Riham Math Coach G3 7854 rammari@myvaughncharter.com
Barraza, Edward Teacher G3 6811 ebarraza@myvaughncharter.com
Caal, Edwin Teacher G3 6814 ecaal@myvaughncharter.com
Cafeteria G3 Cafeteria G3 6838
Canales, Maritza G3 Case Manager Assistant G3 6837 mcanales@myvaughncharter.com
Clark, Nancy Teacher G3 7850 nclark@myvaughncharter.com
Cortez, Sonia Teacher G3 6820 scortez@myvaughncharter.com
Edemann, Sadie Intervention G3 6830 sadieedemann@myvaughncharter.com
Estevez, Anarosa G3 Director G3 6800 aestevez@myvaughncharter.com
Ferman, Miguel Teacher G3 6847 mferman@myvaughncharter.com
Garcia, Jose Plant Manager G3 6801 jgarcia@myvaughncharter.com
Hernandez, Adriana 21st Cent. Site Coord. G3 6803 ahernandez@myvaughncharter.com
Herrera, Lorenza Office Manager G3 6801 lherrera@myvaughncharter.com
Johnson, Amy Speech & Language Therapist G3 6914 ajohnson@myvaughncharter.com
Kim, Deborah Teacher G3 6828 dkim@myvaughncharter.com
Kim, John Teacher G3 6846 jkim@myvaughncharter.com
Koch, Tanya Teacher G3 7848 tkoch@myvaughncharter.com
Kravitz, Nicole Teacher G3 6810 nkravitz@myvaughncharter.com
Lab 161 Enrichment G3 6843
Lab 162 Enrichment G3 6880
Letts, Julia Occupational Therapist G3 6914 jletts@myvaughncharter.com
Loera, Victor Teacher G3 6815 vloera@myvaughncharter.com
Lopez, Elizabeth Teacher G3 6829 elopez@myvaughncharter.com
Lourdes Carrillo, Maria Teacher G3 6834 mlcarrillo@myvaughncharter.com
Luna, Liliana Counselor Asst. G3 6835 lluna@myvaughncharter.com
Masuyama, Hatsue Teacher G3 6832 hmasuyama@myvaughncharter.com
McCord, Patrick Teacher G3 6822 pmccord@myvaughncharter.com
Munguia, Lidia Supply Clerk G3 6801 lmunguia@myvaughncharter.com
MP3 G3 MP3 G3 6831
Ochoa, Nydia Counselor Asst. G3 6906 nochoa@myvaughncharter.com
Osorto, Karla Teacher G3 6804 kosorto@myvaughncharter.com
Pina, Juana G3 Librarian G3 6839 jpina@myvaughncharter.com
Quinones, Denise Teacher G3 6819 dquinones@myvaughncharter.com
Raskin, Savannah Teacher G3 6986 sraskin@myvaughncharter.com
Reigel, Fajilaune Teacher G3 682 freigel@myvaughncharter.com
Rochin, Margarita Teacher G3 6807 mrochin@myvaughncharter.com
Rodriguez, Cynthia Teacher G3 6813 csrodriguez@myvaughncharter.com
Schonberger, Brian Teacher G3 6816 bschonberger@myvaughncharter.com
Shim, Josephine Teacher G3 6818 jshim@myvaughncharter.com
Sung, Andrew Teacher G3 6842 asung@myvaughncharter.com
Togi, Joko Teacher G3 6823 jtogi@myvaughncharter.com
Valdez, Heidi Counselor G3 6835 hvaldez@myvaughncharter.com
Vargas, Stephanie Office Asst. G3 6827 stevargas@myvaughncharter.com
Wills, Adam RST Teacher G3 6805 awills@myvaughncharter.com