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Name Position Campus Extension Email
Allen, Rachel Teacher M.I.T. 7881 aracheal@myvaughncharter.com
Alvarez, Miguel Teacher M.I.T. 7887 malvarez@myvaughncharter.com
Arambula, Alejandra Lab Assistant M.I.T. 7810 aarambula@myvaughncharter.com
Arellano, Rebecca Nurst Assistant M.I.T. 7874 rarellano@myvaughncharter.com
Avalos, Jimmie Teacher M.I.T. javalos@myvaughncharter.com
Avina, Cynthia Office Manager M.I.T. 7809 cavina@myvaughncharter.com
Avina, Elizabeth Supply Clerk M.I.T. 7877 eavina@myvaughncharter.com
Carbonell, Andy Teacher M.I.T. 7879 acarbonell@myvaughncharter.com
Contreraz, Sandra Middle School Director M.I.T. 7876 scontreraz@myvaughncharter.com
Cory, Jo Librarian M.I.T. 7804 jcory@myvaughncharter.com
Curiel, Vicky Office Assistant M.I.T. 7889 vcuriel@myvaughncharter.com
Davis, Heather Teacher M.I.T. 7847 hdavis@myvaughncharter.com
Dennert, Melody Curriculum Coordinator M.I.T. 7829 mdennert@myvaughncharter.com
DiVincenzo, Leah Teacher M.I.T. 7875 ldivincenzo@myvaughncharter.com
Duarte, Selenne Teacher M.I.T. 7799 sduarte@myvaughncharter.com
Duran, Iris Teacher M.I.T. 7859 iduran@myvaughncharter.com
Gonzalez, Cynthia Teacher M.I.T. 7868 cgonzalez@myvaughncharter.com
Hernandez, Kathlyn Athletic TA M.I.T. 7878 khernandez@myvaughncharter.com
Jimenez, Melanie Counselor M.I.T. 6826 mjimenez@myvaughncharter.com
Johnson-Plotke, Deanna Music Teacher M.I.T. 7894 dplotke@myvaughncharter.com
Jurado, Carmynna Teacher M.I.T. 7807 cjurado@myvaughncharter.com
Kheyfets, Alina Teacher M.I.T. 7867 akheyfets@myvaughncharter.com
Kodel, Alan Teacher M.I.T. 7821 akodel@myvaughncharter.com
Lamotte, Kishauna Teacher M.I.T. 7885 klamotte@myvaughncharter.com
Macharia, Mercy Teacher M.I.T. 7819 mmacharia@myvaughncharter.com
Marroquin, Bethany Teacher M.I.T. 7870 bmarroquin@myvaughncharter.com
Martinez, Raquel Aeries Manager Assistant M.I.T. 7844 rmartinez@myvaughncharter.com
Mendez ,Leticia Teacher M.I.T. 7873 lmendez@myvaughncharter.com
Mirkhani, Pargol Teacher M.I.T. 7886 pmirkhani@myvaughncharter.com
Montanaro, Annette Dean M.I.T. 7852 amontanaro@myvaughncharter.com
Montano, Leslie SPED Assistant M.I.T. 7819 lmontano@myvaughncharter.com
Moreno, May Teacher M.I.T. 7884 mmoreno@myvaughncharter.com
Najar, Elizabeth AERIES Manager M.I.T. 7818 enajar@myvaughncharter.com
Nunez, Jessica Nurse Assistant M.I.T. 7874 jnunez@myvaughncharter.com
Ojeda, Cindy Behavior Assistant M.I.T. 7801 cojeda@myvaughncharter.com
Palacios, Jannet Office Assistant M.I.T. 7883 jpalacios@myvaughncharter.com
Quinonez, David SPED Assistant M.I.T. 7819 dquinonez@myvaughncharter.com
Robles, Jessica SPED Assistant M.I.T. 7819 jrobles@myvaughncharter.com
Rodriguez, Cynthia Teacher M.I.T. 7802 crodriguez@myvaughncharter.com
Sanchez, Alex SPED Assistant M.I.T. 7819 asanchez@myvaughncharter.com
Santa Cruz, Sara Teacher M.I.T. 7840 ssantacruz@myvaughncharter.com
Seong, Connie Teacher M.I.T. 7872 cseong@myvaughncharter.com
Simon, Mallory Teacher M.I.T. 7860 msimon@myvaughncharter.com
Stasilli, Franco Physical Education M.I.T. 7878 fstasilli@myvaughncharter.com
Teitelbaum, Nicolette Teacher M.I.T. 7835 nteitelbaum@myvaughncharter.com
Tristancho, Denise Behavior Analyst M.I.T. 7893 dtristancho@myvaughncharter.com
Valadez, Raquel Intervention M.I.T. 7869 rvaladez@myvaughncharter.com
Vargas, Sylvia Teacher M.I.T. 7871 svargas@myvaughncharter.com
Velardi, Nanci Physical Education M.I.T. 7895 nvelardi@myvaughncharter.com
Velasquez, Carmen School Counselor M.I.T. 7827 cvelasquez@myvaughncharter.com
Wisdom, Jayme Teacher M.I.T. 7888 jwisdom@myvaughncharter.com