Mainland Directory

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Name Position Campus Extension Email
Aparicio, Ruby Teacher Mainland 7892
Arellano, Rebecca Nurse Assistant Mainland 7874
Baca, Veronica LA’s Best Mainland 7803
Bernal, Evita Office Assistant Mainland 7800
Bornstein, Suzie Psychologist Mainland 7801
Boyd, Kelley Teacher Mainland 7838
Carbonell, Aixa CAL-PADS Mainland
Carrillo, Maria Teacher Mainland 7899
Center, Family Family Center Mainland 7831
Christensen, Lily Mainland 7866
Contreras, Berny Teacher Mainland 7837
Delgadillo, Sylvia Case Manager Mainland 7814
Eddin, Wynter Intervention Mainland 7901
Edemann, Susie Teacher Mainland 6818
Espinoza, Griselda Office Assistant Mainland 7823
Fields, Betty Supply Clerk Mainland 6909
Flores, Yessenia 21st Century After-School Mainland 7803
Garcia, Adrian IT Manager Mainland 7811
Garcia, Ivette RST Mainland 6836
Hernandez, Mayensi Teacher Mainland 6821
Hubbard, Juana Teacher Mainland 7845
Ibarra, Angelica Teacher Mainland
Jimenez, Melanie Teacher Mainland 6826
Kim, Deborah Teacher Mainland 6828
Lasell, Joseph Teacher Mainland 7855
Llamas, Suzanne Youth-Family & Community Director Mainland 7813
Lorentzen, Stephanie Teacher Mainland 6954
Macias, Leo Office Manager Mainland 7815
Mainland, Cafeteria Mainland 7825
Martinez, Raquel Aeries Assistant Mainland 7844
Medina, Evelyn RST 4th-5th Mainland 7817
Moncada, Lilia Teacher Mainland 7839
Montes, Fidel Teacher Mainland 7862
Muehlberger, Karen Teacher Mainland 7898
Muro, Irene Teacher Mainland 7826
Najar, Elizabeth AERIES Manager Mainland 7818
Najar, Stephanie Office Assistant Mainland 6827
Nava, Alma YPI Mainland 7832
Nevarez, Alejandro Teacher Mainland 7842
Nevarez, Veronica Inventory Manager Mainland 7897
Oblad, Susie Science Lab Mainland 7851
Orduna, Tinia Teacher Mainland 7863
Pasquarelli, Maria Theater Mainland 7798
Pelayo, Edgar System Information Manager Mainland 7896
Perez, Daniel IT Mainland 7828
Piranian, Rose Teacher Mainland 7849
Ramirez, Ruby Teacher Mainland 7816
Razo, Allison Teacher Mainland 6850
Rios, Peter Maintenance Operations Mainland 7998
Roffredo, Nessa Teacher Mainland 7841
Romero, Roxanne HR Mainland 6911
Rosete, Monica Teacher Mainland 7856
Sanchez, Emilio Curriculum Coordinator Mainland 7843
Steele, Gretchen Teacher Mainland 7857
Tristancho, Denise Behavior Analyst Mainland 7893
Uribe, Frank Psychologist Mainland 7822
Villalobos, Vereniz Computer Lab Mainland 7805
West, Charise Teacher Mainland 6938
Zepeda, Anita Executive Director Mainland 7824