Vaughn Central / FACET Directory

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Name Position Campus Extension Email
Avina, Eli Aeries Manager Asst. Vaughn Central 7877
Avina, Cynthia Enrollment Data Vaughn Central 7809
Bernal, Evita AP Office Manager Vaughn Central 7800
Casillas, Priscilla Cafeteria Accountant Vaughn Central 7858
Chan, Yvonne Fiscal Consultant Vaughn Central 7900
Chavez, Arturo MSW MIT 7997
Dhaliwal, Suman Accountant Vaughn Central 7875
Fonseca, Martha Schoolwide Nurse
Garcia, Erick IT Tech Facet
Garcia, Adrian Information Systems Manager Facet
Garcia, Ivette Student Support Services Vaughn Central 6836
Jimenez, Pattie Business Manager Asst. Vaughn Central 7895
Law-Young, Joyce Business Manager Vaughn Central 7905
Lazcano, Erica Cafeteria Manager Vaughn Central 6907
Llamas, Suzanne Vaughn Central 7813
Marin, Rosina HR Manager Vaughn Central 1023
Montoya, Frances Food Services Director Vaughn Central 7792
Najar, Elizabeth Aeries Manager Vaughn Central 7818
Nava, Alma Community & Family Center Cood. Facet 7980
Nevarez, Veronica IT Inventory Facet
Nunez, Jessica 504 Manager Vaughn Central 6840
Pabon, Ronald IT Tech / Webmaster Facet
Pelayo, Edgar Information Systems Manager Facet
Perez, Daniel IT Tech Facet
Ramirez, Jeffrey IT Tech Facet
Ramirez, Fidel Executive Director Vaughn Central 8009
Simons, Alexandra Business Asset Manager Vaughn Central 7902
Velasques, Carlos IT Tech Facet
Wozniak, Brent Chief Academic Officer Vaughn Central 7911
Zepeda, Josue IT Tech Facet
Zepeda, Anita Vaughn Central 7824