NASA Inflight Interview

On Tuesday, May 22nd, our students took part in a live interview with astronauts onboard the International Space Station. For more information, please check the links below.

SAN FERNANDO, Calif. (KABC) — Astronauts aboard the International Space Station spoke with students in the San Fernando Valley Tuesday, possibly planting seeds for future careers in space.

Dozens of students in Pacoima and San Fernando gathered for a question-and-answer session with Expedition 55 astronauts and former teachers Ricky Arnold and Scott Tingle.

“There’s just something I think much more substantial about being able to engage with the astronauts directly,” said Brandon Rodriguez, the education specialist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

Arnold and Tingle answered questions from the students ranging from funding, to women in science, and everything in between.

See Full Article by ABC 7’s Anabel Munoz


Here is the full video from the NASA TV Youtube channel:


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