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College Entrance Exams

Aside from GPA and A-G completion, some colleges will require for students to take the SAT or ACT exam by December of their senior year.

Tips & Information

  • University requirement- SAT and/or ACT are only required if you are attending a 4-year college/university. 
  • Community College requirement- You do not have to take the SAT or ACT if planning to attend a 2 year Community College or trade school.
  • SAT or ACT- The colleges will accept either test, so take both- they will choose the higher score regardless of it being the SAT or ACT.
  • SAT Subject- is NOT a requirement, but if you are applying to UC it is HIGHLY recommended.  You can choose to take 1-3 different subject tests in 1 test date.  
  • Send Scores- It is important that you request to send your scores when you are registering for the test. Colleges will need proof of scores directly from the testing agency. 
    • Send scores to only 1 UC and all UCs will receive them.
    • Send scores to only 1 CSU and all CSUs will receive them (you can also send them using the following systemwide school code 3594)
  • Cost- Cost for exams ranges from $47-$67, students may be able to obtain a fee waiver to pay for these tests at the VISA College Center.
  • Phone Apps- Look for SAT prep or ACT prep apps on your smart phones. In addition to studying & taking prep courses there are lots of apps available to you that can help you prepare for the exams.