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LAMC Mission Statement

Los Angeles Mission College is committed to the success of its students. The College, which awards associate degrees and certificates, provides accessible, affordable, high-quality learning opportunities in a culturally and intellectually supportive environment by:

  • Providing services and programs in basic skills, general education, career and technical education, and for transfer;
  • Educating students to become critical thinkers and lifelong learners;
  • Ensuring that all programs and services are continuously evaluated and improved to support student learning and achievement; and
  • Making traditional and distance education learning opportunities available to enhance the health and wellness of the diverse communities it serves.

V.I.S.A. Community College Course Policies

V.I.S.A. students are strongly encouraged to take Community College courses at any Los Angeles Community College District, LACCD campus and receive both college units and high school credit.  College units are also a requirement for V.I.S.A. Distinguished Graduate candidates. Students must be aware of the following conditions:

  • It is the student’s sole responsibility to enroll into the Community College and complete all the necessary paperwork
  • Courses must be approved by VISA administration in order to receive high school credit
  • It is the student’s responsibility to register for any and all  Community College courses
  • Students will also be responsible for all required class materials including books
  • Course units must be UC/CSU transferable in order to receive high school credit
  • Grading policy is weighted differently from a standard V.I.S.A. course
  • Courses must be taken during non-school hours